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Welcome to the website or the mobile application SellList Mobile, SL Web Services defined as “SWS” and/or any content powered by SellList, from here on defined as the “Website” and/or its “Services”.

You should read the terms of use fully before using this Website and using any of the Services as these terms of use are to be considered legally binding.

SellList is owned by the First Class Group Inc. and used within SL Web Services Inc. the “Terms of Use” constitute a legal agreement between You and SL Web Services Inc and/or The First Class Group Inc. with regards to accessing and/or use of the Website, SellList’s Web Service defined as “SWS” and any other items powered by SellList.

Acceptance of Terms of Use : each time you browse the Website or use any of the SellList services, you agree to be legally bound by the Terms of Use.

Should you not wish to accept the terms of use in any way, you should NOT USE the website or any of the services. The “Website” and/or its “Services” may amend the terms of use at any time of the website and services, at its complete discretion. your use of the website and/or the services, after any amendment to the terms of use has been posted, shall be deemed to signify your acceptance of the revised terms of use.

It is your responsibility to verify the terms of use on a regular basis.

SellList, SL Web Services and SellList’s “SWS” reserves the right to close any or all of our services at any time, cancel the Terms of Use and/or your right to browse and use any or all of the “Website” and/or its “Services”, without notice, at its complete discretion. You agree that no damages will be claimed by you or any party on your behalf should the “Website” and/or its “Services” be closed, cancelled or interrupted by choice of the “Website” and/or it’s “Services” or due to an interruption of a third party used by the “Website” and/or its “Services” for reasons either intentional or accidental. You fully understand that as of a closing, cancellation or interruption no future service is due from the “Website” and/or its “Services”. If you are using one of our paid subscriptions all monthly billing for services will be stopped and the unused proportion of the services not rendered will be refunded, only the period for which you have received services will be charged. If your services are reinstated, your monthly billing will continue as normal. is a listing service with our own content management system “CMS” designed to allow its users to place adds on the platform allowing the users to reach potential clients, partners “Groups” and/or linked websites, to assist the offering of your products, property or services and to help consumers find you.

The “Website” and/or its “Services” is in no way responsible for the content or accuracy of the listings posted by its users. You are using The “Website” and/or its “Services”, completely at your own risk and peril. It is the responsibility and obligation of the users to verify and maintain fully honest and accurate details with regards to their listings. All potential buyers should verify the content of the listing prior to completing a purchase or transaction with a seller as the “Website” and/or it’s “Services” has absolutely no responsibility for the content of each listing.

The “Website” and/or its “Services” is in no way a brokerage company and it is simply assisting contacts between buyers, sellers and partners of its users.

The “Website” and/or its “Services” allows users to list their personal property directly for sale and provides contact information to both parties, the “Website” and/or its “Services” does however recommend the use of professionals with regards to the sale of high value items to protect the best interests of both the buyer and the seller.

No party other than the “Website” and/or its “Services” may Modify, Copy, Download, Upload, Appropriate, Reproduce, Redistribute, Delete, Remove, Translate, Capture, any or all of the “Content” unless the specific “Content” is “Content” belonging directly to the party or a party authorized with a valid digital key (a digital key supplied with total permission of the “Website” and/or it’s “Services” to do so).

The Following are YOUR obligations towards the “Website” and/or its “Services”

You shall not access or attempt to access another users account and/or password of the “Website” and/or it’s “Services” for any reason whatsoever.

You shall not transfer your user account to another party or allow another party to use your account to access the “Website” and/or its “Services”

You agree to keep your user name and password for your own exclusive access to the “Website” and/or it’s “Services” and not to grant use of either to a third party.

You agree that if you feel that your password has been compromised you will change it immediately to avoid third party access to the “Website” and/or its “Services”

You Agree to clearly identify using the words “powered by SellList” any data uploaded by you or on your behalf to external web sites from the “Website” and/or its “Services”

You will not post spam, send batch communications, chain letters, or take part or install pyramid schemes;

You will not install viruses or any technologies that may harm the “Website” and/or its “Services” nor harm the content of our users

You will not attempt to collect data on any of our users or any of their data “content”

You will not use any spider, scraper, robot, attempt or do any data mining, data gathering or use technologies to extract data from the “Website” and/or its “Services”,

You will not attempt or cause a large load on our infrastructure that could would harm the “Website” and/or its “Services”.

You will not contravene or harm on any form of copyright, trademark, patent, or intellectual property of the “Website” and/or its “Services”nor those of our users.

You will not attempt to list or sell anything that you do not have the right to sell or know that it is a counterfeit copy of a protected item.

You will not infringe any Intellectual Property Rights that belong to third parties

You will not attempt or assist reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, of the “Website” and/or its “Services”

You will not attempt to circumvent any systems that the “Website” and/or its “Services”have in place to keep the “Website” and/or its “Services”and/or our users data safe.

You will not republish any data from the “Website” and/or its “Services”unless you are the owner of this data or authorized to share this data by its owner.

You will not use the “Website” and/or its “Services”in a misleading or dishonest manner.

You will not use the “Website” and/or its “Services”in any way that is against any Law

You will not use the “Website” and/or its “Services”in any way that is disrespectfully, discriminating, abusive, libelous, offensive, intimidating, aggressive, abusive, or endangering to others.

You agree that all uploaded “content” from users becomes immediately usable by the “Website” and/or its “Services” in any way that the “Website” and/or its “Services” deems fit, unless agreed that specific “Content” is to be treated otherwise. Your uploading of “Content” to the “Website” and/or its “Services” be it directly or indirectly, means that you are irrevocably authorizing the use of your “Content” to the “Website” and/or its “Services” and/or other affiliated web sites, be they presently existing or to exist in the future. This authorization is, non-exclusive, permanent, and royalty-free. You fully understand that you waive your rights to the“content” and allow the “Website” and/or its “Services” and/or other affiliated web sites, be they presently existing or to exist in the future full usage of this “Content” unless agreed that specific “Content” is to be treated otherwise.


All “Content” in the “Website” and/or it’s “Services”. Defined by the following list but not limited to: Page layouts, Text, Images, Photographs, Animation, Video, Audio, Code, Programming, Maps, Data, Uploaded files and information, Method of linking, Scalable vector graphics “SVG” is considered protected by law and belonging to the “Website” and/or its “Services” and/or suppliers of external content also protected by their supplier rights. No transfer of the rights of this “Content” to other parties is to be considered implied or otherwise unless with a written agreement signed by an authorised administrator with the “Website” and/or its “Services”

Governing Law and Legal

The “Website” and/or its “Services” reserves the right at its sole discretion, to divulge any information “Content” from the “Website” and/or its “Services” needed with regards to a potential legal problem, to any law enforcement and/or government agency requesting information.

All terms of use in this agreement are considered to be governed by the laws of the Province of Quebec and the laws of Canada, any litigation with regards to any item within or outside the terms of use concerning the “Website” and/or its “Services”shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the District of Quebec, Province of Quebec, Canada.

Last modified on February 14th 2018


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